Star Wars fans have always dreamed about the chance to walk through an Ewok village or step inside Luke Skywalker’s farm home. In 2019, they may be able to do just that as Disney continues to expand the Disney World experience with the Star Wars universe.

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed during an investors call that a brand new 14-acre Star Wars Land is scheduled to open doors to all in 2019. The timing is especially notable as that is the year during which the third chapter in the renewed Star Wars franchise’s latest trilogy is scheduled to hit theaters. The park had previously been announced by Disney, but now we have an official target year for opening the doors to the theme park attraction Star Wars fans have been pleading for.

While Disney is still keeping quiet on many of the details about what to expect from the new land, they did tease the opportunity to step onboard a full-size replica of the Millennium Falcon.

The process already began last April with renovations beginning at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, where the famous Star Tours attraction has been a go-to amusement for years, even before Disney owned the rights to producing Star Wars films. A similar park will be added to Disneyland in California.

Disney is still moving forward on plans for an attraction based on the Avatar franchise as well, making sure not to leave any sci-fi fan left without a reason to pay money to enter one of their parks.

Big things are happening in the theme park world. In addition to Disney building an entire land for Star Wars fans, Universal Studios is constructing an entire world based on Nintendo franchises in Japan, Orlando and Hollywood not long after attracting Harry Potter fans to Orlando with a brilliant take on the world of J.K. Rowling’s biggest franchise. (Having been there, it is stunning.) Universal Studios Japan is expected to open up its Nintendo world in 2020.

If you had told me when I was a kid I’d be able to walk through Tatooine, Hoth, the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule on the same vacation, I would have told you to go seek medical help.

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