Normally, a 1997 Ford F-250 isn’t worth $15,000. In fact, the most a similar truck is worth is about $3,000. But if it’s a Ford truck that was driven by Matthew McConaughey in season 1 of True Detective, it suddenly becomes more valuable.

On Charitybuzz, the actual truck from the show is being auctioned off for charity. With just over two days left in the auction, bidding is up to $12,500. In addition, there will be a live auction to see if the  bidding goes higher. I have to imagine that with two days left the opportunity for it to be auctioned live, it will probably go over the $15,000 value. And that’s great since the money will go toward McConaughey’s charity, Just Keep Livin Foundation, which funds after-school programs.

The truck must have been regularly used as a daily driver before being on the show. The truck has 153,345 miles and is listed in “fair” condition. If you plan on driving the truck, you better know how to drive a stick since it’s a five-speed manual transmission.

In addition, if you were to win, you must either pick up the truck in Austin, TX or pay $800 to get it delivered to you. Seems like a great truck and hopefully a big fan of the show and/or a big fan of Matthew McConaughey is able to get this piece of one-of-a-kind memorabilia.

[AV Club/Photo: Charitybuzz]

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