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Tiger Woods had a round he’d probably soon like to forget on Sunday. After qualifying yet again at Augusta National, Woods teetered and tottered on Sunday and fell apart.

Woods shot a 77 in the final round of the Masters. That woeful score led to the highest score that the legendary golfer has ever recorded. He finished 16-over.

“Tiger Woods shoots 5-over 77 in the final round of the Masters for career-worst score over a major tournament,” Bleacher Report said.

It’s a dispiriting but probably unsurprising performance from the legendary Woods. As he’s gotten older, Woods’ body has diminished and as a result, so has his play. He’ll always have the attention factor that comes with being Tiger Woods. But obviously, we’re long past the days of him being an elite golfer.

It’s always tough to watch things like this happen in real-time. That said, it’s not like Woods has anything to feel bad about at this point in his career. The legendary golfer has transcended the sport and is one of the world’s most visible and recognizable figures. You would have to be crazy to argue otherwise.

As far as Woods in 2024 goes? Well, we’ll likely see him around the next time a major championship comes around. And it’s likely we’ll do this same dance again. Hopefully, Woods doesn’t turn in another career-low performance.

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