Mike Tyson Syndication: USA TODAY

There’s no question that legendary boxer Mike Tyson is one of the best and most dominant boxers in the history of the sport, but he believes there is one thing that could have made him an even better fighter: drugs.

During an interview on the TMZ Sports show this week, Mike Tyson spoke openly and honestly about his experience with drugs – namely psychedelics. He opened up about the healing properties and how the drugs help the user “reach your highest level.”

“Psychedelics is an enhancement more than a de-enhancement,” Tyson told TMZ, according to Fox News. “It allows you to go in that realm of just comfortability, relaxness, and prepare to reach your highest level. It’s just an amazing feeling.”

Tyson seems confident that the drugs would have been helpful to him earlier in his career. When asked if he though that psychedelics would make him a more “dangerous” fighter, Tyson had a pretty clear response.

“Yes. Yes. A better fighter. I wish I did it in my prime,” Tyson said.

It’s a pretty bold statement from the legendary boxer, and it generated quite a reaction from the sports world.

Tyson was dominant enough without the drugs, but it certainly would have been interesting to see if they actually did help him.

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