Jerome Tang

The Kansas State Wildcats finished just short of the Final Four, losing the East Regional Final to Florida Atlantic 79-76 on Saturday.

But the Wildcats and specifically their coach, Jerome Tang, have earned a lot of fans for the way the loss was handled.

After the game was over, Tang made his way over to the Owls locker room. Once there, he gave an encouraging speech to FAU team now heading to the Final Four.

“Your toughness, your togetherness, your ability to make plays for each other. The way you communicate with each other. Nobody can beat y’all. Just stay together. Don’t get distracted between now and then. Alright? Stay locked in. Keep doing what you’re doing. Y’all are the toughest son of a guns we’ve played all year long. I’m just proud of you and I’m gonna be rooting for you.”

Tang was already being heavily lauded for the encouraging message he gave to his own players and assistant coaches immediately after the loss. That praise continued following his classy speech to the Owls.

Tang’s first season as Kansas State’s head coach came to an end on Saturday. But he clearly gained a lot of fans who will be cheering for him in future seasons.

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