Kansas State's Dai Dai Ames and Providence's Garwey Dual were both ejected from Friday night's basketball game for fighting each other. Photo Credit: CBS Sports Network Providence’s Garwey Dual throws a punch at Kansas State’s Dai Dai Ames during Friday’s game. Photo Credit: CBS Sports Network

Kansas State’s men’s basketball team moved to 3-1 on the young season on Friday night with an overtime win over Providence in the Bahamas Championship on Friday. Only, the final result will likely not be the main talking point coming out of the game.

A pair of freshmen, Kansas State’s Dai Dai Ames and Providence’s Garwey Dual were locked in a battle that started as chippy and quickly got a lot more intense.

Dual shoved Ames away, using his right forearm. Ames stayed on his feet, but staggered back for a few steps. He responded by instigating contact, this time using his right forearm to shove Dual away, with his left hand also appearing to poke Dual in the face. Dual briefly hunched over, putting his hand over his face. He then got up, went over to Ames and threw a right hand at him. Ames stayed on his feet but was again staggered. The fight happened near the Providence bench, so it was quickly broken up.

But even with the fight being broken up quickly, both players were ejected from the game for their role in the altercation.

Given that Ames and Dual were ejected for fighting, both will serve a one-game suspension.

The general feeling among basketball fans on Friday night was that Dual’s punishment could (and should) extend beyond the mandatory one-game suspension.

[John Fanta on Twitter/X, Photo Credit: CBS Sports Network]

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