Kentucky Basketball practicing at Drake mansion. Photo Credit: Kentucky Basketball on Twitter

The Kentucky Wildcats have been a true blue blood of college basketball for quite some time now. And that seemingly comes with a lot of perks with connections to some very powerful people, including their offseason practice arrangements.

Kentucky is one of the few basketball programs that is somewhat bigger than the sport itself, and has led to some very wealthy and successful people becoming huge fans of the team.

This includes uber-popular hip-hop artist Drake, who let the team practice at his $100 million mansion in Toronto on Friday.

Fans certainly had plenty to say about this collaboration, taking to social media to voice their opinions on this unusual practice for the team.

The team is coming off a trip to Canada to face Team Canada in the annual Globl Jam tournament, representing the United States in the under-23 men’s tournament. They have defeated both Team Canada and Team Germany in the tournament thus far.

While this is likely an awesome moment for the players on the team who are fans of Drake, it could also border a potential NCAA violation.

Drake and Kentucky have been tied since the late 2000s when the famous rapper was seen hanging out with then-Kentucky freshman sensations Demarcus Cousins and John Wall.

Since then, he has been a staple at high-profile Kentucky games but has also gotten the program in some hot water in the past.

Kentucky has received two sanctions from the NCAA in the past due to players’ involvement with Drake, with the most recent coming in 2016.

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