Pete Davidson

No one ever watched Pete Davidson clowning his way through skits on Saturday Night Live and thought, “You know, Pete looks like a really good basketball player.”

No one thought that, but apparently it’s true. Davidson appears to have real game. We know this because the SNL alum recently visited UNLV and played in a pickup game.

The UNLV Runnin’ Rebels shared a mixtape of Davidson’s moves. A quick scouting report: The 6-foot-3 Davidson looks nothing like his apathetic SNL character “Chad” on the basketball court. He displayed a variety of passes, shots, spin moves and something that looked like a dunk attempt that had everything … except a dunk at the end.

UNLV’s sports info staff tagged the video, “Introducing our newest walk-on … Pistol Pete Davidson,” a reference to “Pistol Pete” Maravich, still the leading scorer in NCAA history.

Davidson’s appearance was obviously a treat for the players and anyone else who got the chance to meet him.

Basketball fans were impressed with Davidson’s game. Former Kentucky Wildcats and NBA star Rex Chapman gave it three flexes.


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