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The biggest story this offseason in college football has been college conference realignment and the break up of the Pac-12 Conference as we know it.

Several Pac-12 teams are opting out of the conference and deciding to move to greener pastures, those pastures being the Big Ten and Big 12 conferences leaving the teams that are left in almost a no-win situation.

However, according to college football insider Pete Thamel of ESPN, at least three teams may have found a home with the ACC.

Thamel says that Cal, Stanford, and SMU may be joining the ACC soon. Thamel posted this on X:

“Sources: After a weekend of conversations, there’s continued momentum toward the ACC adding Stanford, Cal and SMU. ACC officials are working on gathering the presidents/chancellors on a call, which is expected to take place at some point early this week.”

All three teams are desperate to find a new home, especially Cal and Stanford, the question is will the ACC vote them in? That means teams will have to travel out to the West Coast to play games which would be an insane schedule for all teams involved.

It makes more sense to add SMU because of the proximity but the ACC may be scrambling themselves soon if Clemson and Florida State decide to bolt to the SEC in the future.

The fallout of all of this will continue to have a major impact on the future of college athletics.

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