An insane fake punt attempt from Boston College against Syracuse. Photo Credit: ESPN2 Photo Credit: ESPN2

The Boston College Eagles faced off against the Syracuse Orange on Friday night, and a fake punt at a key point of the game certainly caught the attention of the college football world.

The game has largely been a defensive showcase for both teams. Through three quarters, the two teams were in a 10-10 tie.

With this in mind, Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley decided to take a risk on fourth-and-four early in the fourth quarter. He allowed his punter Sam Candotti to attempt a fake punt and run for the first down.

It worked like a charm, as Candotti was able to scramble for more than enough yardage to keep their drive alive.

When the traditional offense isn’t working, you have to get creative. But this is certainly one gutsy call from Boston College considering the Eagles were on their own 31-yard line in a tie game.

Had they not gotten the first down on the play, Syracuse would have been set up in prime position to take the lead in great field position.

Instead, it paid off for Boston College, and fans certainly appreciated Candotti for his incredible effort on the play.

This play in itself actually didn’t result in any points for Boston College, as Syracuse would ultimately force a punt later in the drive.

However, you could argue that it kept the pressure on Syracuse’s defense, which did pay off later in the quarter when it mattered most.

Boston College would go on to score a go-ahead touchdown with just 2:23 remaining in the fourth quarter, which would ultimately be the difference in the game after one last stop from the Boston College defense on the following Syracuse possession.

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