Colorado Mesa's football team scored an awesome touchdown against San Diego on Saturday, thanks to a heads up play from an offensive lineman. Photo Credit: ESPN+ Colorado Mesa lineman Cooper Mumford throws a touchdown pass against San Diego. Photo Credit: ESPN+

One of the great things about college football Saturdays is that because there are so many games going on, you’re almost always going to have a few head-turning plays. One of those happened in Saturday’s game between Division II’s Colorado Mesa and Division I FCS’ San Diego.

Colorado Mesa was positioned to score. Disaster, though, appeared to strike when the Mavericks fumbled a reverse. Luck was on their side, though. The first break came when the ball bounced right to Colorado Mesa lineman, Cooper Mumford.

Mumford not only recovered the fumble but kept moving with the ball, running to his left. Doing that, he eventually saw his teammate, receiver Keenan Brown, wide open. Mumford flipped the ball to Brown, who brought it in and ran into the end zone.

With the obvious exception of the San Diego defense, the big man touchdown pass warmed the hearts of pretty much everyone who saw it.

It really is a good heads-up play. The natural tendency for most players in that situation would be to simply jump on the ball and preserve the scoring opportunity. Mumford, though made the most of it. In the process, he provided what will be a long-lasting memory for himself and really, everyone else who saw it.

[SportsCenter, Photo Credit: ESPN+]

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