ACC realignment President George W. Bush speaks at the Conversation on Health Care Information Technology at Langford Auditorium in Nashville on May 27, 2004.

The ACC has dealt with a rash of recent pushes for realignment. After hearing inroads from Notre Dame, and learning that Florida State might be planning a move, now the conference is hearing it from Washington, D.C. Or, at least, formerly elected government officials. Condoleeza Rice and former President George W. Bush have reportedly pitched Stanford and SMU, respectively, to join the conference.

“Condoleeza Rice (Stanford) & George W. Bush (SMU) contacting ACC officials for those schools to get an ACC invite, @ByPatForde 1st reported,” Brett McMurphy posted.

We’ve heard lots of twists in these conference realignment sagas, but several have started to pop up for the ACC. Notre Dame pushing for Stanford and Cal to join the conference was a very vocal and motivated move by the Fighting Irish to try and give those schools a life raft. The Fighting Irish, of course, have their own self-interests there, too, as Stanford has been an arch-rival of theirs for decades.

Rice and Bush’s involvement in this isn’t so surprising when you consider their interest in sports. Bush co-owned Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers for a time before being named Governor in 1994. Rice has participated on the College Football Playoff committee in years prior as well.

Now, though, they’re lobbying for major schools that face issues as conference realignment does a number on college sports. We’re not sure when that carousel is going to end, but people from all corners are trying to protect their own right now. That includes the ACC in this latest realignment twist.

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