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Iowa Hawkeyes fans are desperate for a change in the football program, and they used some serious news Monday as an excuse to roast offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz.

University of Iowa officials confirmed that more than two dozen athletes are under investigation for allegedly violating NCAA rules prohibiting online sports gambling. The probe involves 26 athletes, including football players.

It’s a serious investigation, so how did Hawkeyes fans react?

By firing off a barrage of memes and jokes on Twitter. Most of them involved the embattled Ferentz. And the memes weren’t wishing him the best of luck, either.

Ferentz, of course, came under fire for leading Iowa’s struggling offense last season. He’s vowed to stay the course in 2023, too, which has many fans up in arms. As the The Cedar Rapids Gazette noted in a recent story, “Despite leading one of the worst offenses in the country in 2022, offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz said … the offense will “do the same things” in 2023, except “do it better.”

It would literally be almost impossible to do any worse. The Hawkeyes ranked 132st out of 133 FBS teams in yards per game last season. They were 125th in scoring (17.7 points per game).

It’s worth noting that the Iowa State Cyclones confirmed Monday that 15 of their student-athletes are being investigated in the gambling probe.

Funny thing: There were no mean memes popping up about the Cyclones. They only targeted Iowa, and specifically, Ferentz.

The same fans who were calling for Ferentz’s job last fall used the gambling investigation as an excuse to go after him Monday. They were brutal.


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