James Franklin

Heading into the 2023 college football season, the Penn State Nittany Lions are widely considered one of the top teams in the country and are legitimate College Football Playoff contenders. But according to head coach James Frankin, there is still one thing that has Penn State lagging behind: NIL.

During a recent interview, James Franking boldly claimed that Penn State was “better positioned than ever before” to win a national championship, citing the team’s consistency on the coaching staff as well as the alignment from the rest of the university. But he also made it clear that the program still has work to do on the NIL front.

“Really the one thing that is lagging that we got to get right is NIL,” Franklin said according to On3. “I think we’re headed in the right direction but also being willing to talk about it publicly. Hopefully, a bunch of Penn Staters understands the importance of it.”

For better or for worse, NIL has become an important part of college football with players regularly choosing schools at least in part due to the NIL packages and marketing opportunities offered to them. It does not appear that’s going to change anytime soon, and Franklin seems to know that.