James Franklin Oct 21, 2023; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin yells after a call against his defense during the second quarter of their game at Ohio Stadium.

Penn State Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin has taken his fair share of criticism for his lack of success in big games. And this week, he admitted he deserved it.

Following this week’s loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes, James Franklin is now just 1-10 against Ohio State, 1-15 against top-10 opponents during the regular season and 1-17 against road opponents that finish the season ranked. And he admits he should face some criticism for that.

“I think it’s more than fair to judge me and my staff for all of it,” Franklin said during his press conference this week according to On3. “That’s what it’s about. The good, the bad, the consistency, the lack of success in that game. All of it. That’s totally fair to be judged by all of those things.”

However, Franklin also points out that he should be judged on “the entire body of work,” as well – including all of the things he’s accomplished at Penn State.

“I also think it’s important to judge the entire body of work, all of it. Which, I don’t need to get into today right now,” Franklin said. “But it’s totally fair to be judged based on all of those things, the whole body of work. Good and bad.”

Franklin consistently has Penn State as one of the top programs in the country and as a contender in the Big Ten. But fans obviously wish he would have more success in big games.