Julian Sayin Julian Sayin

Alabama quarterback recruit Julian Sayin made a few headlines on Thursday.

First, with the news that he has gone from a four-star quarterback to a five-star quarterback. Second, when a video went viral showing him shading the University of Miami.

At one point, Miami was in contention for Sayin, but what may have turned him off on Miami was the way they emphasized the Miami nightlife over the actual football.

“Yeah so I was actually with my 7-on-7 team down for battle Miami in a tournament and then our team visited Miami that night and I think the coach was describing the nightlife in Miami and how it’s a fun place, to be outside of football,” Sayin said. “He was like Saturday and Sunday in Tuscaloosa is alright but Monday and Tuesday aren’t.”

Sayin then said “And then I was just like you know what are we talking about right now? It’s clear from his statement and the look on his face in that video that Sayin wasn’t buying what Miami was selling at that moment.

Miami hasn’t had a quarterback drafted in the NFL since 2017 and doesn’t have a single starting quarterback right now in the NFL. So maybe coaches at the U need to emphasize football more than nightlife.

Miami and Bama fans had a few things to say about the video.

Miami fans seem to think their nightlife would attract anyone to their campus, while Bama fans think winning is more important.

In the end, Saylin seemed to care more about winning than partying.


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