During his Monday press conference, Alabama head coach Nick Saban went on one of his famous rants, This time, it was about his quarterback and the upcoming game against Texas A&M.

Since quarterback Bryce Young was injured against Arkansas on Saturday, the media has been speculating about his return and how serious the injury is. They also have been wondering if he’ll be starting this weekend against the Aggies, which really set Saban off.

“You guys think I’m going to tell you what we’re going to do with our offense and our team? You might as well make it up,” said Saban. “I saw headlines I’m going to keep a secret about what we’re doing with Bryce. Sounded like me making that statement! I’ve never said that! But it was there in black and white. So you can make up whatever you want.”

Saban also went on to say he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, which checks out.

“I don’t get affected by it because I don’t listen to y’all. I don’t have any interest in what anybody thinks about any of this stuff,” said Saban regarding “rat poison” in the media.

Saban has always had a strained relationship with the media and has gotten in hot water over the years with some reporters. He even snapped on CBS Sports sideline reporter Jenny Dell Saturday after Bama’s victory because he thought she was going to ask him about Bryce Young’s status, though she didn’t.

So don’t expect Saban to give any hints as to who may be starting this weekend. To quote Saban “quit asking.”

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