Refs make a questionable call on a fumble recovery in the opening game of the season between Notre Dame and Navy Photo Credit: NBC

The college football season officially kicked off on Saturday when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish took the field against the Navy Midshipman. Unfortunately, it seems like the referees in the game may not be in mid-season form just yet.

Notre Dame has pretty much been in command of this game from the very start of it in the debut of transfer quarterback Sam Hartmann. They could have been doing even better in the game if not for a questionable call at the beginning of the third quarter.

Navy faced a 28-0 deficit to start the second half, and they received the football looking to cut into the big Notre Dame lead. Unfortunately, their struggles continued as Navy quarterback Tai Lavatai made an ill-advised pitch attempt on an option play which led to a fumble.

It looked like Notre Dame had recovered the ball, as a Notre Dame player came out of the pack with the ball. Instead, the officials determined that Lavatai had possession of the ball underneath the pile of players fighting for the ball.

You be the judge, but it certainly looks like nobody had possession of the loose ball until a Notre Dame player came away with the ball from the bottom of the pile.

Fans took notice of the call and were questioning how this was the call that was made on the play.

The call didn’t exactly matter in the grand scheme of things, as Notre Dame has continued to run away with this game in a clear rout. That being said, it looks like officials, much like players, need a few games to round into form…

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