Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN and SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum did not mince words about Dabo Swinney after Clemson’s 28-7 loss to the Duke Blue Devils on Monday night.

Finebaum said that Clemson has been “teetering” for a few years now, but this loss to the Blue Devils marks the official end of Clemson’s recent dynasty that has netted two national titles.

“Dabo’s dynasty is done,” Finebaum said on ‘Get Up’ on Tuesday morning. “What else can anyone say, Greeny? It’s really been teetering for a couple years. But what happened last night is simply unexplainable.”

Finebaum said that nothing Clemson attempted to do this offseason helped to the field on Monday.

“They brought in Garrett Riley, that was supposed to be the savior,” Finebaum said. “They had the quarterback that was going to be Trevor Lawrence’s wunderkind. And frankly, nothing happened.

“They didn’t lose to a Florida State or an Alabama or a Notre Dame or a Georgia. They lost to Duke, which has a very good quarterback and a nice program. ‘Nice’ being the operative word. They have nowhere to go. And Dabo’s nonsense after the game isn’t going to impress anyone. This program is flatlining right now.”

Clemson has now lost three of its last four games dating back to last season.


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