James Franklin

Penn State head coach James Franklin issued an eloquent, calm, and yet brutal smackdown of a reporter’s question during Tuesday’s media session.

Franklin had been addressing the topic of sophomore quarterback Drew Allar, who has played well in his first season as starter. The coach noted that Allar has excelled at checking down and taking safer throws when the deep option isn’t open. That’s one reason the former five-star recruit has completed almost two-thirds of his passes and has yet to throw an interception.

“That’s extremely valuable as a play-caller when you have a guy that will allow you to call shots, not force the ball down the field, and take the back as a check-down,” Franklin said.

One reporter decided to press on, however, with an awkward question about whether Franklin would just tell Allar to throw the ball deep.

“Is there a balance though, between ‘Hey, we need you to throw the ball deep … just take a shot?'” the reporter asked. “Don’t overthink it, take a shot, we need to see it, we’re going to call it and we need you to get some confidence in doing this …”

Franklin listened to the question with a poker face, then responded like a cat pouncing on a hapless mouse.

“I don’t really understand what you’re saying, because we would never — like my skin is crawling when you say just drop back and chuck it deep no matter what,” Franklin said. “That is like, I don’t even know what you’re saying, it’s like you’re speaking from Mars.”

The reporter tried to clarify his question, referencing past Nittany Lions receiving stars and asking if Franklin might let Allar air it out.

““I still don’t know — like you’re speaking Japanese,” Franklin said. “We’ve never done that. Just throw the ball up and maybe he’ll be open and maybe he’ll catch it. You’re making me uncomfortable, I don’t know what you’re talking about, so we would not do that. We would never do that.

“No. Strong no. Like, yeah, no. I’m hoping we can cut this out so this doesn’t even get into the universe.”

Well, everyone now knows exactly where Franklin stands on giving his quarterback the green light to “chuck it deep.”

Social media had plenty of fun breaking down Franklin’s takedown.


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