Player Ejected Player Ejected

Punching an opponent in a college football game is an easy way for a player to get himself ejected, but that’s especially true when the punch is delivered between the opponent’s legs in clear view of the referees.

During Saturday afternoon’s game between the Ole Miss Rebels and the Texas A&M Aggies, Ole Miss offensive lineman Micah Pettus got into a small altercation with Texas A&M defender Shemar Turner when he pushed him down on a block and stood over him as he tried to get up.

Pettus was clearly not happy to have Turner standing over him after finishing a block, and he reacted in an extremely ill-advised way, delivering an uppercut right between the legs of the Ole Miss offensive lineman.

Turner was quickly ejected from the game as a result of the play, and it was very easy for everyone to see why – including the game’s commentary crew.

“We know why Shemar Turner was ejected, Jordan,” commentator Joe Tessitore said during the broadcast on ESPN.

The play quickly went viral on social media as it generated a lot of reactions from the college football world.

It’s safe to say that will get you ejected at every level of football.

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