Kendal Briles

While the Auburn Tigers continue to look for a new head coach, ESPN college football analyst Robert Griffin III says the Tigers need to look to an SEC West rival for the Tigers’ next offensive coordinator.

RGIII thinks that Auburn’s new head coach should give Kendal Briles a look.

“Whoever Auburn’s new Head Coach will be should bring in Kendal Briles from Arkansas as his Offensive Coordinator,” Griffin tweeted. “Arkansas just put up 520 yards and 5 TDs on Auburn last week.”

A lot of Auburn fans are interested in three names for their head coaching position: Lane Kiffin, Deion Sanders, and Hugh Freeze.

Kiffin has already said he’s not interested in the position and suggested that the Tigers go after Sanders for the job.

“I think he’d do great,” Kiffin said. “I think that’s a great name and they should hire him. Great recruiter. Great name. This is a different world we’re in now because recruiting has always been important. But now we have the portal. You can change a roster faster than you ever could before, and you could lose a roster faster than you ever could before.”

Sanders hasn’t said if Auburn has contacted him and Hugh Freeze just signed a new contract with Liberty.

What does all of this mean? As of now, nothing….yet.

Maybe instead of looking at Briles as their new offensive coordinator, Auburn needs to put him in the mix for the head coaching job instead. However, it’s worth noting that he comes with plenty of baggage of his own.

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