Big 12 Championship Blown Call Max Duggan Photo Credit: FOX TV

An atrocious blown call just occurred in the 2022 Big 12 Championship Game and the college football world went wild.

The TCU Horned Frogs and Kansas State Wildcats have duked it out thus far in Dallas. It’s been an ultra-competitive matchup between the two Top 10 teams. TCU holds College Football Playoff hopes. The Wildcats, notable trouble in Big 12 Title Games, hope to claim the Horned Frogs as a victim Saturday afternoon.

K-State appeared to make a big move in the Big 12 Championship Game. The Wildcats pressured TCU quarterback Max Duggan. They led him into a troubled situation, one that K-State hoped to pounce right on. After Duggan made a critical error, the Wildcats looked like they got a safety.

However, the referees decided that it was not to be. They overturned the call on the field of a fumble and a safety. Instead, the officials ruled it an incomplete pass.

This was simply a bad call in a bad spot. Big 12 referees, much like all the others, are never held in a positive light.

Several went on to point out just how bad the blown call was after it happened.

Kellis Robinett, Kansas State writer for the Wichita Eagle and Kansas City Star tweeted, “Wow. I don’t agree with that at all. How is it a pass if the ball never left Max Duggan’s hand?”

Others chimed in with similar responses.

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