Catch of the Year

With all the college football action going on on Saturday this weekend, it’s unlikely many people were tuning in to watch the Tulsa Golden Hurricane take on the Jacksonville State Gamecocks on ESPN+. But unfortunately, that means most of the college football world missed out on what might be the catch of the year.

During the third quarter of Saturday’s game between Tulsa and Jacksonville State, Tulsa quarterback Davis Brin threw a long pass towards the end zone towards receiver Keylon Stokes. Unfortunately for Tulsa, Brin overthrew Stokes and it looked like the pass was going to end up as an easy interception for Jacksonville State. But that’s not what happened.

Gamecocks cornerback Jamari Jemison initially had the interception, but when he fell to the ground he accidentally lost the ball and threw it back up into the air – right into the arms of Stokes who caught the juggled pass and hauled it in for a touchdown.

It was amazing awareness from Stokes to not give up on the play. As a result of his effort, a touchdown just landed in his lap – literally.

Ultimately, the touchdown itself was pretty inconsequential as Tulsa was already leading 40-10 before that score. But it was a highlight play nonetheless.

[Colton Denning]