West Virginia's kick return blunder against Oklahoma State Photo Credit: ESPN

Most college football fans view offense and defense as the most important aspects of a football game. However, special teams errors can be costly, and West Virginia shot themselves in the foot with a brutal error on a kick return in their game on Saturday against Oklahoma State.

West Virginia was leading 24-20 going into the fourth quarter, and were about to get the ball back after their defense forced Oklahoma State to punt on fourth down.

Mountaineers return man Preston Fox was back to return the kick, but he never even got a chance to field the punt. He was taken out by his teammate Andrew Wilson-Lamp, who absolutely trucked him to the ground as he went to catch the ball.

The ball then hit him, which made it a live fumble that Oklahoma State then recovered.

It’s a mistake that simply can’t happen, and the college football world could not believe what they saw…

It looked like Wilson-Lamp may have been pushed into the returner by an Oklahoma State player, but no foul was called. And if you are Wilson-Lamp, you have to know to stay away from the return man in that situation.

The muffed kick return would come back to cost West Virginia, as Oklahoma State would go on to score shortly after due to the great field position that the fumble caused.

West Virginia has looked fine on offense in the game. But this costly special teams error could be the difference in the game.

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