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Friday was a pretty dark day at ESPN as the company laid off some of its biggest and most recognizable names.

That includes Max Kellerman, who was included in the pink slipping that also took out Jeff Van Gundy, Suzy Kolber, Keyshawn Johnson, David Pollack, Steve Young, and many others.

The news that Kellerman was out at ESPN wasn’t a massive surprise as it was known that his TV show, This Just In, was going to be replaced by The Pat McAfee Show, and his radio show was being canceled. They were the latest in a series of professional stings for the longtime ESPN host, who was reportedly pushed out on First Take by Stephen A. Smith.

Kellerman has long been the odd man out at ESPN as Awful Announcing’s Jesse Pantuosco recently wrote.

“By shuttling from coast to coast, banished to a doomed existence as a sports nomad (albeit one dressed in impeccable designer suits), Kellerman has failed to develop a clear identity, oscillating between hot-take artist and nuanced voice of reason. Balancing his performative bluster with uncommon insight, it’s hard to know who the real Kellerman is.”

The news that Kellerman’s time was coming to an end at ESPN was met with interesting reactions from the sports media world.

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