With a lack of sports taking place, there have been fewer and fewer opportunities to gamble. While you can bet on the weather, it’s just not the same as putting a few bucks on a game or horse race.

That didn’t stop one person who won almost $10k on a sport very few of us are experts in. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, someone from Nevada placed a $50 bet on William Hill’s app on a 10-leg Ukrainian table tennis parlay, winning each contest. The person won $9,676.

This person’s strategy was to bet all the favorites. I gotta be honest, if I know jack about the sport I’m betting on, betting the favorites is a safe strategy. Anyway, all 10 matchups had odds between -135 and -165 and on Saturday, the favorites all won.

Table tennis isn’t exactly the excitement of winning a bet on a buzzer beater during March Madness, but this has gotta be cool too. It’s also massively lucky and parlays still tend to be a suckers bet but it worked out here.

[Las Vegas Review-Journal/Photo: Getty Images]


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