Canada is the butt of many jokes in the United States, and the Bank of Canada isn’t helping the country out at all this week.

Recently the Bank announced a new 10 dollar bill to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada. The bill itself is really cool in its design and significance so it’s hard to bash the bank for that.

However, where people can give Canada some crap is the interactive 3D experience the website created for the bill. The experience though is where the nerdy-ness comes out because within it is an easter egg of sorts thanks to the Konami code.

What’s the Konami code you may be asking right now? I admit I had to look it up and when I did, I chuckled.

The code itself isn’t exactly a visible set of letters or symbols. Instead, it is usually a function players can secretly enter to unveil an easter egg of sorts. In short, its a cheat code developers sneak into a game or in this case, a banking announcement. It was first implemented back in 1986.

Here’s how to unveil the code:

Open up the website again right here. Once you do that, type “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and voila! Shortly after you type the “A” virtual bills will fall from the top and an 8-bit version of the Canadian national anthem will play.

When asked why the Bank of Canada did this, a spokesperson wrote back to Motherboard with a simple reply:

“Konami code seemed like a fun way for the web team to celebrate Canada’s [150th anniversary],” a spokesperson said in an email. “(People) love Nintendo and 8-bit music.”

Oh, Canada.


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