The head of an TaylorMade Driver M1 golf club rests beside a teed up TaylorMade Tour Preferred X golf ball on the golf course at the TaylorMade center of excellence, operated by Adidas AG, in Herzogenaurach, Germany, on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015. Adidas said it hired a bank to analyze options for its flagging golf business as the TaylorMade unit’s declining sales weighed on second-quarter profit, which missed analysts’ estimates, raising the likelihood of a sale. Photographer: Martin Leissl/Bloomberg

Earlier this week, the golf world was hit with a radical new proposal that would limit the type of ball used in elite professional competitions in an effort to limit the distance players are able to drive. And it’s safe to say that Bryson DeChambeau, who is one of the longest drivers in golf, is not a fan of the proposal.

When asked about the potential changes, Bryston DeChambeau did not hold back one bit in his criticism of the proposal.

“I think it’s the most unimaginative, uninspiring, game-cutting thing you could do,” DeChambeau said, according to “Everybody wants to see people hit it farther. That’s part of the reason why a lot of people like what I do. It’s part of the reason a lot of people don’t like what I do.”

DeChambeau said the plan would be a “handicap” for players who worked hard to improve their driving distance.

“It’s a great handicap for us guys that have worked really hard to learn how to hit it farther,” DeChambeau said. “I think it’s the most atrocious thing that you could possibly do to the game of golf. It’s not about rolling golf balls back; it’s about making golf courses more difficult.”

And DeChambeau wasn’t the only one. Justin Thomas also expressed frustration, comparing this decision to if the NBA raised its hoop to 13 feet because players can jump higher than ever before.

“People are running faster, so, what, are they just going to make the length of a mile longer so that the fastest mile time doesn’t change, or are they going to put the NBA hoop at 13 feet because people can jump higher now? Like, no. It’s evolution,” Thomas said.

They’ve certainly made their stance clear.