Donald Trump appearing in a Club for Growth attack ad. Donald Trump appearing in a Club for Growth attack ad.

Views of this weekend’s LIV Golf tournament in Washington D.C. might see an attack ad aimed at one of the league’s biggest supporters: Former president Donald Trump.

The Club for Growth, a well-known conservative action group, is attacking Trump over Social Security benefits.

Aaron Navarro of CBS reports the ad blitz “is a five-digit buy that will air Saturday and Sunday on the CW channel in the D.C. market, which is carrying the tournament. … It will also be appearing digitally and is geofenced around the course.”

The ad blasts Trump for reforming Social Security, comparing the action to current president Joe Biden. Both have said they won’t touch it despite projections saying the fund will run dry in two decades if nothing is done. “The ad refers to a Social Security trust fund trustee board report that says benefits for seniors could be slashed by 23% after 2033, if the trust fund is depleted,” Navarro reported.

CBS, which obtained an early look at the ad, relayed a clip of what’s to come.

“With Donald Trump, it’s par for the course. Another plan that cheats people out of what they earned,” the narrator says, according to the network.

Only time will tell how the ad will affect the Republican presidential primary. The Club for Growth currently backs Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who officially entered the race on Wednesday as Trump’s chief rival for the nomination.