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As is custom, the PGA Tour is in Hawaii for the first full week of the new year, with the Plantation Course at the Kapalua Resort hosting the Sentry Tournament of Champions. At the tournament, Jordan Spieth became an early contender for best fan interaction of the year.

If you attend a professional golf tournament, you probably wouldn’t need to look too hard to find a couple of buddies making wagers. Who will be closest to the pin? Who will make the longer? Which golfer will win the hole? It’s pretty standard stuff. That was the case at the Tournament of Champions — something Spieth heard.

While other golfers may react angrily to it, Spieth went the other route.

After making a short putt, Spieth walked off the green in the direction of some fans and started a conversation.

“I appreciate the exchange of money. I’d be doing the same thing. But I could just hear you gambling right off the back of the green,” Spieth said.

“Sorry about that,” the fan replied.

“All good. You’re good,” Spieth said chuckling as he fist-bumped the two fans.

The Golfbet Twitter account tweeted the exchange, saying “He gets it.”

Golf fans on Twitter loved the exchange.

Ben Everill of Golfbet said “Jordan loves (low volume) side action! ;)”

Christopher Powers of Golf Digest tweeted that Spieth is “ONE OF US.”

Others were more impressed by how well Spieth handled the situation. Jeff Eisenband of PGA Tour Live observed that “Jordan Spieth heard the wagering behind the green and handled this about as well as any athlete can.”

Dan Rapaport of the ForePlay Podcast said “I’m often asked if Spieth is really as nice/genuine as he comes off. The answer is an unabashed yes. Literally never seen him be rude to a single person ever.”

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