Jordan Spieth Sep 30, 2023; Rome, ITA; Team USA golfer Jordan Spieth reacts after a missed putt on the first green during day two foursomes round for the 44th Ryder Cup golf competition at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Back in May, Jordan Spieth withdrew from AT&T Byron Nelson citing a wrist injury.

He offered more context about the injury that actually occurred during the most important meal of the day.

“I was reaching for a toaster to make my son breakfast and I was just supporting it on the shelf,” Spieth said, according to “It made — in other words, everything was — it took the fall for other things that were off and it just made no sense because I’m like, what’s going to prevent this from happening at any other point in time,” he said. “But I was very shocked when I re-injured it.”

Making toast for Sammy Spieth isn’t what ultimately did the damage, but hindered it even more.

He was especially disappointed to miss out on a tournament that he dubbed one of the most important of his career due to his family and friends being in the Dallas area. It didn’t help the fact that he was highly favored heading into the tournament.

The injury caused Spieth a severe amount of pain and doctors told him it required rest and limited movement.

“It ended up being a nerve thing, which is nice because I wasn’t doing anything either time that I hurt it that should have caused what happened,” Spieth added. “Both MRIs were very similar and shouldn’t have been in the pain and lack of mobility that I had initially after it happened. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense off the MRIs, and so then just did a bunch of tests and some work. Turns out it was my ulnar nerve, which is not anything to mess with, so I’ve been trying to take it very, very carefully.”

He said as long as he continues to stay on top of treatment and listen to his body as he moves through the usage, he should be fine.


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