Ryan Fox tee shot

In a normal round of golf, a bad shot can be costly. It could amount to a one or two-stroke penalty, which could be compounded even more based on where a drop may take place or how a golfer tries to recover.

But in matchplay, things are a little different. Golfers are playing for holes, not shots. So, while a disastrous shot may cost a golfer a hole, it won’t compound beyond that. As such, players are often willing to try more aggressive, risky shots. The risky plays lead to some incredible results.

That’s precisely what happened to Ryan Fox in Wednesday’s round of the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play.

Fox came to the 13th tee two up on his opponent, Harris English. At 305 yards, the hole is certainly driveable. But over water and into a headwind, it’s a gutsy play. Fox, though, decided it was worth the risk.

The tee shot he produced was phenomenal.

Golf fans were impressed by Fox’s spectacular tee shot.

That the ball checked up so quickly shows how strong the wind was. Normally, shots that travel roughly 300 yards in the air will roll out quite a bit more. This one stopped more like a low iron normally would.

Fox made the short eagle putt, allowing him to win the hole and move three up, even though English made a birdie of his own. English then narrowed the gap, winning the 16th hole. But when the two golfers halved the 17th, Fox came away with the win. Without his win on 13, English would have had the chance to tie the match on the 18th hole.

So, the risk paid off for Fox, both within the hole and the round it was a part of.

[PGA Tour, Photo Credit: Golf Channel]

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