Aaron Wise hit by a tee shot.

Anyone thinking of attending the weekend rounds of the PGA Championship at Southern Hills might want to bring a helmet or other forms of padding.

On Thursday, ESPN’s Sage Steele, who was on hand as part of ESPN’s coverage of the event, was struck by a Jon Rahm tee shot. On Friday, things got even more hazardous.

One fan, identified as “Jason” by TJ Eckert of KTUL News, was one of many spectators at Southern Hills following the featured group of Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. Unfortunately for Jason, Tiger’s opening tee shot went astray and beaned Jason on the elbow. He came away with one of Tiger’s gloves—and a big welt on the elbow.

And the errant shots were not only hazardous to the broadcasters and fans. The competing golfers themselves were not immune.

Aaron Wise was nearing the end of his round when a tee shot from Cameron Smith went off-target and nailed Wise in the head.

Fortunately, per Ryan Lavner of the Golf Channel and Dan Rapaport of Golf Digest, Wise seems to have avoided any serious damage.

Spectators getting hit by balls isn’t that rare. They are often standing close to the fairways and, particularly when they’re following the more popular groups, don’t have a lot of room to get out of the way of an errant shot.

Golfers and broadcasters getting beaned, though, is different.

Even before these incidents happened, the compacted layout of Southern Hills was a talking point.

Now, fans are wondering if the tight course might have something to do with these incidents.

Given the tight layout, combined with strong winds blowing errant shots even further away from their targets, people getting hit by golf balls is not surprising.

We can only hope that whatever injuries are sustained are only superficial.

[Photo from the PGA Tour on Twitter]

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