Rory McIlroy LIV June 4, 2023: Dublin, Ohio, USA; Rory McIIroy watches his tee shot on the first hole during the final round of the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club.

A few weeks ago, Sergio Garcia discussed his relationship with fellow golfer and bestie Rory McIIroy and how they are in the process of repairing their relationship after it was fractured when Garcia decided to join LIV Golf.

McIIroy has been very outspoken against LIV Golf and said recently if he had to play for the league full time, he’d retire from golf and only play in the majors.

He was asked after his win at the Scottish Open Sunday what’s his friendship status with Garcia right now.

“We’ve talked, which is a first step,” McIlroy said.

“Yeah, there’s, you know, there’s things that we both think we probably could have done differently, and there’s a lot that’s went into it. You know, it’s good that we’re at least talking again. It’s a first step. I wouldn’t say we are all the way there, but we are – it’s a good first step,” he said.

Garcia made comments that things were finally thawing out between the two, but he seemed more optimistic than McIlroy was.

“We had a great chat. It was two friends that wanted to get back to that spot. That’s the most important thing,” Garcia said.

Despite what Garcia said, it sounds like the pair still has ways to repair their friendship, but at least they are talking.


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