The No. 1 golfer in the world, Scottie Scheffler, had a commanding six-stroke lead over Rory McIlroy heading into the final round of the Tour Championship. However, the 26-year-old golfer completely imploded, leaving McIlroy to make a fantastic comeback to win the FedEx Cup.

McIlroy notched a 66 at Atlanta’s East Lake Golf Club which was good for four under par and put him at 21-under for the tournament.

Scheffler ultimately shot himself in the foot with an awful showing on the front nine which ultimately sealed the deal for him, losing by one stroke and earning McIlroy an $18 million payday.

Every fan in attendance seemed behind Rory, including the many on social media who praised his incredible performance.

McIlroy’s win at the Tour Championship comes at a crossroads for the PGA Tour. Multiple golfers have defected over to LIV Golf, including Cameron Smith and Adam Scott who finished 20th and 25th respectively. The win couldn’t have happened at a better time with an exciting end to the Tour season with one of their most popular golfers winning it all.

The win also bumps McIlroy’s overall earnings to nearly $27 million this year.

While that sum is a large amount to us normal folks, McIlroy admitted in a 2015 article from Insider that the money he wins in tournaments doesn’t quite move the needle for him the way it used to.

“No. Luckily, that amount of money doesn’t sort of mean much to me anymore,” McIlroy said. “So, no. I mean it’s not a — it will go in the bank and if I want to buy something nice, I will. It’s not really anything that — I mean, like, it’s nice to think that you could win $10 million this week, but that’s not what excites me.”

McIlroy’s win Sunday marks the third FedEx Cup of Rory’s career–the first golfer in history to achieve that feat.