Tiger Woods 2004 Masters champion Phil Mickelson helps 2005 winner, Tiger Woods, into his fourth green jacket on April 10, 2005. Golf 2005 Masters

With the Masters starting a week from now, five-time champion Tiger Woods is on the roster for next week’s tournament and he is determined to win his sixth title.

According to one of Woods’ friends, Tiger is abstaining from sex before the tournament. 

“He’s focused,” said a friend of the 48-year-old golfer via the New York Post. “He’s working really hard in the gym. He’s eating right. He’s even eliminated sex.

“He does that now when he’s preparing: no sex until the tournament is over. He doesn’t want anything to take away his focus.”

Woods recently ended his six-year relationship with former waitress Erica Herman in 2023.

Soon after Herman filed a lawsuit against Woods, which she later dropped accusing Woods of sexual harassment and other charges which she also later denied after dropping her suit.

Woods’s personal life has been more in the spotlight than his game. It was revealed several years ago while Woods was married, that he was carrying on several affairs during his marriage and as most remember, Woods’ ex-wife injured him during a fight when she found out about his infidelity.

Woods has even admitted he had a sex addiction and entered rehab over his addiction. But for the past few years, his personal life has been fairly quiet and according to his friend, as of now, Woods is single for the first time in a while.

It will be interesting to see if this new strategy works for him. 

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