The European Tour has some fantastic social media people. They’re responsible for what remains my favorite Rory McIlroy interview ever, which was done by this kid in Dubai:

Today’s video is also kid-centric, but this time it’s that kid who ends up on the receiving end of the surprise. For golf-loving Aaron’s ninth birthday, his father wrote the European Tour asking if they would do something cool for him. And they absolutely delivered.

Here’s the video proof:

As Aaron notes, his favorite golfer is Andrew “Beef” Johnston, who I normally ding for getting way more media attention than his play deserves, but I’ll save that criticism for later, because he’s clearly in his element here. His next three favorites are Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson, and Martin Kaymer, who all play a role with Aaron; Rose and Stenson bringing along the Olympic gold medal and the Claret Jug, respectively.

Aaron is suitably blown away by all this, and as any 9 y/o kid would be, he’s a bit overwhelmed. But he’s clearly enjoying himself, and it’s great to see golfers interact with kids like this. All four of these pros have reputations as being some of the best guys in golf, and nothing in this video says otherwise.

Happy birthday, Aaron.

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