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Serbian star Borisa Simanić has lost one of his kidneys as the result of an injury he suffered in a FIBA World Cup game last week.

Simanić suffered the injury late in Serbia’s win over South Sudan Wednesday. As South Sudan’s Nuni Omot muscled in for a shot attempt near the basket, he elbowed Simanic. The Serbian yelled in pain, and quickly dropped to his knees.

The Serbian Basketball Federation announced Monday that the forward had been operated on twice. According to ESPN, doctors had a hard time finding his blood type, even though several teammates volunteered to donate blood.

Complications from the first surgery led doctors to remove one of Simanić’s kidneys Sunday.

Teammates were stunned by the news.

“It was really tough for us when we heard what happened,” Serbian forward Nikola Milutinov told reporters Monday (via The New York Post). “First, we didn’t believe it was such a bad thing. It’s really affected us. We’re really praying for him that he’s going to be good as soon as possible.”

Simanić played on the Utah Jazz’s summer league team in 2022. The 25-year-old has been a member of the Serbian national team since he was a teenager.

The Serbian team plays Lithuania Tuesday in the World Cup quarterfinals. The team will leave Simanić’s jersey on an open seat on the bench.

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