Well, this was an absolutely ridiculous game.

After SEVEN home runs between the two teams, including two separate three-run Houston homers that erased two separate three-run Dodger leads, Alex Bregman did this in the bottom of the tenth inning, against a laboring Kenley Jansen:

There’s no perfect way to visualize the twists and turns of that game, but this win probability graph via Fangraphs (graphs, for fans!) is as good a tool as any:

Source: FanGraphs

That’s stunning, and probably the best baseball game, given the stakes, since…well, an earlier game in this series. Or maybe even since Game 7 of 2016; many might end up placing this game over it, and it was certainly entertaining, but it’s hard to top a Game 7 setting.

But today isn’t the day to pass historical judgement. Today is the day to think about how amazing that game was, and to look forward to Tuesday’s (tomorrow’s, at this point) Game 6, with the Astros leading the series 3-2.

The game took 5 hours, as well, and had it been nine innings, would have been in the running for longest nine-inning game. That part sucked.

But the rest of it was awesome.

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