For better or worse, when you slather something in the red, white, and blue in 2022, it’s going to invoke some very specific imagery. That’s certainly the case for a lot of baseball fans when they look at Major League Baseball’s 2022 4th of July caps.

Major League Baseball recently announced the cap collection. All MLB teams will wear the caps from July 1 to 4, though we wouldn’t hold it against the Toronto Blue Jays if they decided not to.

2022 marks the 15th year of MLB’s “Stars & Stripes” hats being worn on and around Independence Day Weekend.

In recent years, there’s been a strong correlation made between people who wear clothing adorned with the U.S. flag and those involved in situations such as the January 6 insurrection or believers in The Big Lie, which would seem ironic if not for being so disturbing. Still, that didn’t stop baseball fans and others from cracking very similar jokes about the type of person most likely to wear one of these red, white, and blue-streaked hats.

And of course, the fact that there’s a Toronto Blue Jay’s cap celebrating the United States of America was not lost on people.

We’re guessing we won’t see too many MLB teams wearing Canada Day caps on July 1, though.

[Chris Creamer]

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