Tim Mayza Photo Credit: SN Tim Mayza. (Sportsnet, via Bleacher Report on Twitter/X.)

Toronto Blue Jays reliever Tim Mayza posted some incredible statistics last season. But the only stat fans could see during Saturday’s spring training game was 4-10.

No, that wasn’t his win-loss record last season. It was his fantasy football record.

As punishment for that dreadful season, the Blue Jays made a special “4-10” jersey for Mayza to wear in the team’s spring training opener. To make sure fans saw the numbers, he had to serve as bat boy in the game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Blue Jays Sportsnet announcer Dan Shulman and analyst Buck Martinez poked some fun at Mayza.

“And there’s Tim.”

“Ha ha ha …”

“4-10 Mayza.”

“He’s going to be 4-10 for the rest of the season.”

“That’s good motivation.”

When it comes to the numbers that really matter, Mayza was a beast last season for the Jays out of the bullpen. The left-hander posted a 1.52 ERA in 69 appearances, with a ridiculous 281 ERA+.

Fans loved the good-natured hazing.

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