during game three of the National League Division Series at Wrigley Field on October 12, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.

Well, this is unfortunate for the Cardinals. It’s been a strange season for the St. Louis squad, a year that started off ignominiously, as their fans harassed newly-signed outfielder Dexter Fowler for daring to speak his mind about one of Donald Trump’s myriad attempts at making a travel ban happen.

From there, they finally served their belayed punishment for their role in hacking the Houston Astros during the 2017 draft. And now, after a season  of borderline playoff contention thanks to what’s been a bit of a hangover year for the Cubs (a hangover that is going to end with 90+ wins, but they set a high bar for themselves), they’re on the brink of playoff elimination, trailing in the division by 6.5 games and facing an uphill battle in the wild card race, where they trail the Rockies by just 2.5 games but also trail the Brewers.

And now, as the Cubs are on the verge of clinching the division (which might very well happen in St. Louis), someone at Busch Stadium set off fireworks after a Kris Bryant home run.

Hey, let’s give the Cardinals the benefit of the doubt: they could have been hacked! (And another benefit: the Chargers did the same thing, essentially.)

The Cubs are pouring it on them, too:

That put the scoreline at 8-1, where it currently stands in the fourth inning.

Should the Cardinals make any more silly gaffes or mistakes we’ll definitely have them for you.

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