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With over 100 years of pent up hopes and dreams on the backs of the Chicago Cubs, and 71 years since the last trip to the World Series for the North-Siders, things were bound to get crazy in the city.

Here’s just the latest example of that craziness that has swept over the city so desperate to see the Cubs win a World Series already.

Apparently, one Chicago Alderman, Roberto Maldonado, believes that 23-year-old Javy Baez deserves an honorary street name. Of course, the Puerto Rican star would have his name erected on street signs in the very Puerto Rican neighborhood of Humbolt Park.

If visiting Chicago, you’ll know you’re in Humbolt Park once you see the steel Peurto Rican flags that hang over Division Street marking the entrance to the neighborhood. It also would make sense, as the street he would have named after him is home to Little Cubs Field.

Alderman Maldonado believes Baez has represented the city and the people of Puerto Rico exemplarily so far in his young career and deserves this honor. He took to Facebook to post the following message:

While that may be true, how about holding off until the team actually wins a World Series or the 23-year-old does more than impress early on in his career?

After all, Baez isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire in the World Series. Sure, his bunt single in the fifth inning of Game 5 was crucial, but he is batting just .142 for the World Series (3-for-21) and has cooled off after earning NLCS co-MVP honors alongside pitcher Jon Lester.

No one has decided Lester deserves an honorary street name… so why should Baez get one?

Then again, when it comes to the Cubs and the city of Chicago…is disbelief and hysteria all that shocking?

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