Terry Francona BOSTON, MA – AUGUST 19: Terry Francona #17 of the Cleveland Indians reacts during batting practice before a game with the Boston Red Sox on August 19, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Terry Francona need not worry about late night ice cream orders, as a Cleveland company has sent him the ultimate survival kit.

The Cleveland Indians skipper ordered $44 worth of ice cream from hotel room service at 3:30 AM following his team’s Game 4 victory over the Chicago Cubs. Francona’s order was monstrous – including a sundae, multiple scoops of ice cream, berries, and a diet Coke.

Pierre’s Ice Cream decided to help Francona out in advance of Game 6, sending him a massive ice-cream-packed survival kit.

Francona’s initial room service order pales in comparison to the amount of ice cream Pierre’s is sending him. Here’s a detailed outline of the sweet package.

“It was a large container loaded with all of the fun flavors, complete with serving supplies,” Matt Thornicroft, Pierre’s assistant marketing and communications manager. “In all it was about 32 containers (14 1.5-quart containers and 18 pints), equivalent to 240 half-cup servings… enough for members of the team to enjoy as well.” 

Francona (and his team if he’s willing to share) are now well-stocked with ice cream going forward. There’s no need to wait for room service, as the Indians clubhouse practically has a parlor worth of ice cream at their disposal.

Props to Pierre’s Ice Cream for fueling Francona and the Indians while creating some excellent publicity for their product. It’s a win-win for Pierre’s and Francona.


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