Cleveland is in Chicago for a 2016 World Series rematch with the Cubs this week.

And while that classic series featured a legendary and pivotal rain delay during Game 7, tonight’s game at Wrigley Field included a delay of an entirely different sort, when play was interrupted for nearly ten minutes by a drone flying overhead.

Francisco Lindor and and Jose Ramirez took shelter behind the umpires, which is honestly exactly what every ballplayer should do in a similar situation.

Here’s how it unfolded on Marquee:

Drone delays are becoming more commonplace for sporting events. And hey, this one was at least thematically relevant; it was during that 2016 World Series that Trevor Bauer had to pitch through a hand injury sustained while working on a drone.

That he was somehow not involved here (or was he???) is really too bad.

In the end, the game was delayed more than seven minutes, and it’s now in extra innings, just like Game 7! Though, thankfully, Game 7 didn’t involve a free runner starting at second base.

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