Diamondbacks third baseman Evan Longoria makes a game-saving catch against the Brewers. Photo Credit: MLB on Twitter.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are facing off against the Milwaukee Brewers in Game 1 of their Wild Card Series matchup. And an early candidate for catch of the postseason has caught the attention of the MLB world, courtesy of Diamondbacks veteran third baseman Evan Longoria.

Arizona found themselves in a rough spot in the bottom of the fifth inning, as the Brewers had the bases loaded with only one out with a 4-3 lead.

Brewers outfielder Tyrone Taylor came to the plate with a great opportunity to change the trajectory of the game. And he almost did just that, lacing a line drive that looked like it was destined to drop into left field.

Longoria had other plans, leaping and making an unbelievable catch to rob Taylor of potentially multiple RBIs on the play. He then had the presence of mind after making the catch to throw back to second base, doubling off the runner and ending the inning with a sensational double play.

This angle of the play doesn’t even do it justice, as the ball was hit so hard that the cameraman had trouble keeping up with it before Longoria made the catch.

A video shared by Drew Celli, a reporter for WJFW12 in Wisconsin who was in attendance, better shows just how great of a play this truly was.


Longoria, a 16-year MLB veteran, has been lauded for his defense in the past. He has three Gold Gloves in his career, with his most recent coming in 2016. However, at 37 years of age, many thought his days of elite defense were behind him.

Fans were pleasantly surprised by Longoria turning back the clock on this ridiculous catch, praising him for his efforts on social media.

If Longoria doesn’t make that play, the Brewers would have scored one run at the very least. And it is very possible that another run scores on the play, and who knows how the rest of that inning would have gone.

Instead, Longoria added another defensive gem to an already impressive number of excellent defensive plays over the course of his legendary career.

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