David Ross

David Ross is everyone’s baseball grandfather, so this gift makes perfect sense. After hitting a home run in his last big league at bat to help the Cubs win Game 7, he’s been celebrated by everyone around the baseball world on his career and being the mentor that helped propel the young Cubs to the top.

Now even Ellen is joining in on the celebrations.

First, she commented on Ross’ slow run/trot out of the dugout after the final out, and Ross responded:

“I went to go out and there’s almost this thick chicken wire,” Ross explained. “My spike was caught in it, I knew it was going to pull out an Achilles’ or something. And then I’m like, ‘forget it. I’m going to take my time and run out there.’”

Then, he talked about how his nose was bleeding during the parade because he was hit in the face with a rod.

“My wife’s stuffing things up my nose. I’m like, ‘You’re not ruining my day.’ I’m waving to everybody. Blood’s coming out. It was a blast, man.”

And then, because Ellen is the best, as a parting gift, she gave Ross a Cubs-themed walker complete with his number on it and he was ecstatic!

“It’s got my number on it and everything,” he exclaimed.

No way to go off riding into the sunset like David Ross has. Hopefully each of our own retirements will be anywhere near half as cool.

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