The Chicago Cubs had a rough day on Sunday, getting blown out by the New York Yankees 18-4. There was one pitch, in particular, that summed up their performance.

Down 17-4 in the eighth inning, the Cubs sent first baseman Frank Schwindel to the mound in order to conserve their pitchers given that the game was essentially over. All Schwindel had to do was minimize mistakes and just try to get the ball over the plate.

The first batter he faced was Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka, and Schwindel served him up a meatball so perfect that the slugger couldn’t help but connect the eephus pitch for a home run.

Because you’re wondering, that pitch came in at 35.1 mph, a sure-thing home-run ball if ever a Major League Baseball batter has seen one. In fact, it now lives on as the slowest pitch ever recorded to be hit for a home run.

The Cubs can look forward to better days and better pitching performances, but this one is sure to be a highlight that’ll be shown for years. If nothing else, it’s going to be something that Schwindel will get to think about if he’s ever asked to pitch in an MLB game again.

For the record, Schwindel got out of the inning only giving up one more hit, so aside from that very, very bad mistake, he didn’t do that terrible overall. But clearly, the only thing anyone wanted to discuss was that very, very slow pitch.

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