Coke Hamels Heyman

They say that when it comes to journalism, it’s better to be right than to be fast. MLB insider Jon Heyman is showcasing the validity of that saying the last few days with some wild misspellings in his free agency tweets.

On Tuesday, Heyman launched a thousand memes by tweeting that “Arson Judge appears headed to Giants,” which was not only an incorrect spelling of Aaron Judge’s name but also a factually incorrect thing in the end.

Wednesday, Heyman was back at it and proving that he hadn’t learned his lesson. In tweeting about Cole Hamels and his desire to play again in Major League Baseball, Heyman referred to him as “Coke Hamels.”

Again, Heyman deleted the tweet and started over, but the memes had already begun. Frankly, at this point, people are starting to wonder if this is an elaborate bit. And whether it is or isn’t, what name will Heyman butcher next?

We’ve still got a few days to go with the MLB winter meetings and there are plenty of free-agent signings to come. We don’t know who is going to sign where, but we do know that if Jon Heyman doesn’t pace himself, he’s going to send out a tweet with a misspelled player name that might break the fabric of the universe itself. Can’t wait.

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